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Economic development Project in ten municipalities of the Las Segovias region: strengthening the private sector (PRODET)

The objective is to improve living standards for 5,750 small business owners and members of cooperatives in 10 municipalities in the Las Segovias region by increasing incomes by 20% and helping to create 3,200 jobs.

The Project

The Ministry of Private and Public Economy, Cooperatives and Associations (MEFCCA) is in charge of project implementation. It will coordinate with other Nicaraguan state entities, including the Nicaraguan Institute of Urban Development (INIFOM), which will be responsible for implementing the government’s decisions and coordinating with local municipal governments, and the National Technology Institute (INATEC).

As a result of programme implementation, it is expected that microenterprise productivity and competitiveness will increase thanks to enhanced value addition and changes in their business activities, along with improved access to markets and strengthened SME business and production management capacities. A further expected result is that regional municipal governments will be strengthened in their abilities to advise microenterprises and promote a favourable economic environment.   

MEFCCA has hired Swisscontact to provide technical support for this initiative due to our experience working with local actors in the same fields. These include providing non-financial services specific to SMEs, in addition to our experience advising the Nicaraguan government in the implementation of other projects.


    Results 2018

    • 132 business plans formulated.
    • Accompaniment to 25 specialized training sessions.
    • 232 credits granted through banking (trust).

    Project partner

      • Ministry of Private and Public Economy, Cooperatives and Associations (MEFCCA)
      • Nicaraguan Institute of Statistical Development (INIFOM)
      • National Technology Institute (INATEC)
      • City governments

        Project countries

        • Nicaragua

        Project duration

        2016 - 2020


        • SDC

        Working area


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