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Economic development Project in fifteen municipalities of the Las Segovias region: strengthening the private sector (PRODET)

The objective is to improve the living standard of living of 5,750 families involved in small businesses and workshops in fifteen municipalities of Las Segovias, by increasing their income and business, by promoting a favorable environment for economic development, capacity building and capitalising on value addition, transformation and marketing.

The Project

On 3rd October 2016, The Swiss Confederation and the Republic of Nicaragua signed a Cooperation Agreement for the implementation of the Family Entrepreneurship Programme in ten municipalities of Las Segovias for the period October 2016 to September 2020.

In the first year of implementation (2017) the project faced challenges in defining mechanisms and approaches to its work. During this period, progress was made in establishing programme work procedures, gaining initial experience in implementing operations in general, and providing services to the target group specifically. The experience of the first year of implementation led to the conclusion that it was necessary to improve the programme's processes, especially those related to recruiting stakeholders, training, and formulating business plans, aspects in which partial progress was made during the first quarter of 2018.

In March 2018, the first 232 credits were granted and later new training session in business plans were developed. In this period, 333 new plans were formulated and approved. However, the dynamic achieved by the programme was slowed down by changes in the national context as a result of a political crisis affecting the country, which in turn has produced an impasse in operational implementation that continues to date.

Project partner

    • Ministry of Private and Public Economy, Cooperatives and Associations (MEFCCA)

      Project countries

      • Nicaragua

      Project duration

      2016 - 2020


      • SDC

      Working area


      Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation
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