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Colombia: Cacao Bioandino

Cacao Bioandino - contributing to the strengthening of the fine quality, sustainable, aromatic and organic cacao sector (CFA) in Colombia. The French Development Agency has identified several opportunities to encourage the growth of specialty cacao production in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. To achieve this, some challenges have to be addressed:

  • Lack of policies that favor of the production of fine quality, aromatic, organic, and fair trade cacao.
  • The producers of fine and aromatic cacao are generally small producers who lack organizational skills.
  • Producers and their organizations do not have the capacity or the access to goods and services which are necessary for the production of fine aromatic cacao, nor for the certification necessary for fair trade cacao.

This initiative is executed at the regional level by the NGO Agronomists and Veterinarians Without Borders, and in Colombia it is implemented by Swisscontact.

The Project

The project in Colombia has two main objectives:

  1. Achieve an effective participation of small cacao producers so they can contribute to the development of strategies and policy instruments that will promote the production of specialty cacao.
  2. Achieve the best performance of the producer organizations in the services they offer to their associated producers, so that they can achieve --or increase-- organic production and obtain specialty cacao that is linked to international markets.

The organizations which are supported are located in the municipality of Tumaco; the Nudo de Paramillo region, (Maceo, Valdivia, Cáceres); Urabá Antioqueño (Chigorodó); the Southern Zone of Córdoba (Tierralta, Valencia); and the South of Bolívar (Santa Rosa, San Pablo, Simití).

Expected Project Results

  • Improve public policies aimed at the organic, sustainable and fair trade of the CFA sector;
  • Capacity building for producer organizations and their platforms;
  • Innovations and dissemination of knowledge in organic, sustainable and fair trade CFA (synergies organic production, biodiversity, sustainability of production systems and fair trade);
  • Sharing of experiences, methodologies and dissemination of knowledge between the three countries.

Project partner

  • Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

Project countries

  • Colombia

Project duration

2019 – 2022


  • Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

Working area


Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation
Hardturmstrasse 123
CH-8005 Zurich

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Fax +41 44 454 17 97
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