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Better Training for Ukrainian Plumbers

The project fosters a decentralized education and vocational training system for plumbers supported by private sector investments enable young people to gain skills tailored to the needs of the market, enter the job market and achieve higher incomes.

Unemployment among youth is a major national concern in Ukraine, where about 20% of youth are out of job. The main problem for Ukrainian youth in their transition from school to work is imperfect coordination between the education system and the labour market.

The quality of the vocational training system in Ukraine does not meet international standards. As a result, the fast-growing private sector is facing a shortage of skilled labour in several areas, at a time when it must compete on the European market and comply with European standards. Several companies have voiced complaints about a lack of qualified staff. To make up for this shortfall, some of them organise their own training programmes for new employees.

The Project

Through the strengthened capacities of the participating VET schools, graduates are employable and meet business sector expectations. The developed public-private partnership model is used by the national stakeholders and disseminated to the VET system in modernization of vocational education in the country.

Swisscontact is working closely with local training institutions to ensure they can provide high-quality training to plumbers and comprehensive support to graduates in their efforts to find jobs in their home communities. The project aims to ensure that after three years of training these new professionals have the skills to quickly find satisfactory employment

Project Goals

  1. Strengthening training institutes and training young adults in plumbing
    Making plumbing education internationally competitive, introducing New Ways of Learning and applying international industry standards. Swisscontact helps local training institutions to upgrade their training curricula and teaching methodologies, as well as to structure their management more efficiently while fostering active exchange with local and national plumbing experts.
  1. Promoting private sector engagement in VET
    The project aims at bringing businesses into schools and schools into businesses, by establishing long-term apprenticeships and committed businesses, assuring a truly dual learning approach that meets the needs of businesses.
  1. Market development for local skilled plumbers
    Raising the employability of (former) VET-students in plumbing and jobseekers by making (life-long) learning relevant and attractive and by extending career guidance.



Expected results

  • Outcome 1: Trainees received effective and market-oriented education on the profession of plumbers
  • Outcome 2: Training and resource centres established within VET schools are self-sustainable
  • Outcome 3: New employment and self-employment opportunities for graduates are development and linkages between VET schools and the industry are created

  • Young people and adults received basic education combined with vocation skills development.
  • Teachers and masters improve their professional and pedagogical competences, new masters are regularly trained.
  • Effective certification system of VET schools’ graduates is introduced
  • Industry Board is created and functional reaching out businesses in the sector and contributing to new employment opportunities of graduates
  •  TRC developed and implemented their business plans
  • Increase in incomes: The project’s overarching objective is to increase incomes among unemployed youth.

Project partner

  • Geberit

Project countries

  • Ukraine

Project duration

2020 - 2022


  • SDC
  • Geberit

Working area


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