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Alternative education programme for young people (PEAJ)

In Niger, two out of three young people are early school leavers or have had no schooling at all. They are estimated to number 2,156,864. These young people do not have the skills to enter working life or vocational training and there are very few alternative routes for them to take.

The Project

Designed as a pilot programme, the Programme d'Education Alternative des Jeunes (PEAJ), or Alternative education programme for young people, is operated by the State, the municipalities and NGOs in the Maradi and Dosso regions with input from Swisscontact. It has been given two main objectives:

  • To integrate young people with no schooling or early school leavers aged between 9 and 14 into the social and economic life of the intervention areas;
  • In the long term, to act as a mechanism for the whole country, serving the education and training of this target population group.

The proposed training programme is viewed as a ladder into formal education, as an initial step towards training centres for vocational training for the key sectors of the local economy (agriculture, stockbreeding, manual trades and crafts, etc.), and as a pathway to employment.


  • 200 Community Centres for Alternative Education (CCEAJ) supported and managed by 10 municipalities
  • In-service training programme for 200 teachers mobilized by the State of Niger;
  • Courses in the CCEAJs for 5863 young people aged 9 to 14, who were out of school or dropouts
  • Integration of 1466 young people from CCEAJs in a system of existing professional training
  • Integration of 155 young people from the CCEAJs into working life after the end of their studies have undergone initial professional training;
  • 102 young people from CCEAJs integrated into the normal school curriculum
  • Strengthening of the skills of 253 supervisors (19 inspectorsof primary education, 34 pedagogical advisers and 200 school principals);
  • Seven initial professional training modules developed

Project files

Project countries

  • Niger

Project duration

2015 - 2018


  • SDC

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