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Practical vocational training helps young people enter professional life (YEP)

Since the end of the war in 2006 Nepal is going through a challenging peace-making and civil reconstruction process. The severe earthquake of 2015 threw the country back again, while limited economic growth has exerted an additional drag on development. The population in the project districts is poor and the majority survives on agriculture. About 80% of households are not even sure they will send their children to school. They often lack access to clean drinking water and healthcare.

The greatest challenge for the future remains the high rate of youth unemployment (40%), which is attributable among other things to an inadequate training system.

Nevertheless, Nepal is also sending positive signals: in the last few years, more initiatives have been implemented to strengthen vocational training.

The Project

Swisscontact is facilitating access to vocational training to young people in Nepal and providing guidance as they enter the labour force. Courses are based on the local labour market and constitute an important component in the vocational training system of each project region. The active labour market initiatives undertaken by the project improve the chances for young people to find a job or start their own businesses, increasing their incomes in the process.

Private training institutes play a key role in the project, as the private sector’s involvement strengthens the vocational training system’s orientation to demand. Trainings are divided into modules and can be attended independently of each other. This will help to resolve the uneven levels of education among youth.

Moreover, Swisscontact is helping to conserve the social balance of an ethnically vastly diverse population in the country’s southeast and promoting entrepreneurship among young migrants returning to their homeland.

Entrepreneurship training for unemployed youth and returning migrants:

  • 400 young entrepreneurs will have completed their management & business training course (which includes skills in financial models & business plan development).
  • → 240 youth from the project area will have founded an SME and can build secure livelihoods.

Vocational training for unemployed youth:

  • 2,500 young people will have benefited from information and guidance counselling provided by the project.
  • 2,500 young people will complete their training successfully.
  • Up to 115 employees of our partner organisations will have been trained in methodology and education, receiving additional management training from training institutes.
  • → 1,750 youth will find a job or open their own businesses, helping to build family wealth with additional income.

Further professional development for young adults:

  • 400 project participants will have attended further professional training and learned new skills and capabilities that open up new professional opportunities and access to higher incomes.
  • → 320 workers will have received further training and increased their income by 50%.


  1. Entrepreneurship promotion for unemployed youth and returning migrants
    Swisscontact is conducting informational workshops for youth wishing to establish their own businesses and/or who have an innovative business idea. In addition, the project supports vocational training for young female entrepreneurs in their chosen profession and enhances their life skills.
  2. Vocational training programmes for unemployed youth
    The project is facilitating vocational training courses in 25 different professions and includes basic finance and life skills, supporting the further training of trainers and other staff of training institutes.
  3. Advanced professional development for young adults
    Here the focus is on advanced professional training lasting at least one month that include basic financial skills, life skills,  and training of trainers.


Results 2017:

  • A total of 601 young men and women completed vocational training in the six districts, including vocational orientation and access to financial services. (86% from disadvantaged groups).
  • The efforts of our local partners to integrate young adults into the labour market were very successful: 588 graduates (97%) havealready found employment by the end of February 2018.

Project partner

Symphasis Foundation, Fondation Tibetania

Project countries

  • Nepal

Project duration

2017 - 2020


  • SDC
  • Symphasis Foundation, Fondation Tibetania

Working area