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Providing the Best Learning Opportunities for Tourism and Hospitality Students in Macedonia

The student Tome Barbutov presents his study on tourism promotion in Macedonia at the World Tourism Forum Lucerne (WTFL). Swisscontact supported him in the development of this study and established the link to the WTFL.

«This is a great challenge for me. I am researching the promotion of safety and security for sustainable tourism development in Macedonia. I have had great help from the faculty, my mentoring professor and Swisscontact in the research process», said Tome Barbutov when submitting his application for the Young Talents Programme of the World Tourism Forum Lucerne (WTFL) in May last year. «I will do my best to submit a solid paper to the Young Talent Programme, but also a paper that can be used for tourism development in my country».
Tome received the best 2017 New Year’s gift when his research paper was selected as one of the best applications that were submitted to WTFL. For his success, Tome will join eight other international students who will travel to Switzerland to present their papers to ministers and tourism professionals.

This opportunity was made possible for Tome by the partnership between the Macedonian Faculty for Tourism and Hospitality and the WTFL, established with the assistance of Swisscontact. For the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, based in Ohrid, this partnership will enable the exchange of ideas, programmes and joint collaboration on various projects with other universities that are part of the WTFL, as well as increase the awareness of the tourism profession and industry nationally.

Strengthening the Tourism Sector

«I expect a one-of-a-kind experience», says Tome. «I will be able to experience the international tourism environment and broaden my perspective in this field. I will learn from my peers, and afterwards try to share this experience with my co-students in Macedonia.

Most of my time this summer was devoted to completing the research paper. I was aided by Swisscontact throughout the process. They helped me with the concept, the methodology and the practical research. But, most of all, instilled confidence that I could go all the way with this idea», he says.

Modern tourism studies are unimaginable without close cooperation between peer institutions. These research papers need to include the global perspective and their importance and relevance to the country. «My dream is to work in tourism and hospitality. I know that the experience from the WTFL will support my efforts to understand the global perspective of tourism. And I am certain that this will help me become a better tourism professional», concludes Tome.

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