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The Sweet Taste of Success by Honduran Apiculture

The work of PYMERURAL as a facilitator enabled the formation of many alliances among participants in the apiculture value chain, especially with the governmental sector, which through the Minitry of Agriculture and Livetock, headed the Value Chain Committee; the committee included representatives of suppliers of inputs, production, processing, sales, support services and regulatory bodies.


The logical sequence of activities that began with an analysis of the value chain (including a characterisation of the productive sector), formalisation of the Competitiveness Framework Agreement (through the Value Chain Committee) and the design of interventions aimed both to take advantage of opportunities and to solve problems, produced favourable results for the apiculture industry:


1. Regulatory Framework


  • Facilitation of international trade through a Central American standard for honey produced by the Standards Commission for Central American and the Caribbean (COMCANOR).
  • Harmonisation of actors through the Competitiveness Framework Agreement with the Minitry of Agriculture and Livestock.
  • Support for the National Quality System and formalisation of 5 Apiculture Technical Standards with the Honduran Standards Institute (IHN).


2. Support Services


  • Development of micro-businesses run by women supplying beekeeping equipment and wax sheets.
  • Three laboratories (including a government laboratory) now provide analysis of bee diseases and industry products.
  • Genetic and productivity improvements through 9 suppliers of queen bees (including on public university).


3. Production, Processing and Marketing


  • 2,225 people working in apiculture and 16 organisations were affected directly.
  • The number of hives was increased from 21,984 in 2009 to 37,000 in 2012, which also favoured crop pollination.
  • Productivity increase from 13.55 to 27.20 kg of honey per hive.
  • Raising gender awareness with the participation of women in the managing boards of the organisations.
  • Access to opportunities in the European, Honduran and Nicaraguan markets.
  • Support for three Modern Apiculture in Central America Conventions to reinforce technical knowledge.
  • Development of added-value products) pollen, propolis, gum, royal jelly, creams and preserves).



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