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AlbVET: Skills Development in Albania

«I am who I am today because Swisscontact believed in me more than I believed in myself," says Violeta Ruci»

Violeta runs the private training centre "Leta" in Berat, a small town in central Albania. In April one of her students won the first competition for hairdressers in the Western Balkans. Violeta is one of many Swisscontact partners in its efforts spanning 20 years to support vocational education reform in Albania. In June 2014 Swisscontact closed out the SDC-financed AlbVET project after completing three phases as planned.

Albanian Vocational Education and Training (VET)

A two-hour talk show on Albanian TV covering selected topics and challenges in skills development was the grand finale of the AlbVET project and an appreciation of 20 years of collaboration. Learn more

History of our Engagement

Swisscontacts collaboration with Albania began in 1994 in the port city of Durres with the first project financed by SDC. Swisscontact renovated a run-down training centre that had come into disuse since the end of the planned economy, fitting it with urban professions of machine engineering, electrical and automotive engineering, and hydraulics. Learn more

Follow up Projects (C4E)

20 years – what's left to do? As far as our target groups are concerned, thousands of youth and young adults are today benefiting from high-quality and goal-oriented training curricula with new teaching and learning systems. Learn more

Success Stories

“You’re looking for the new hairdresser? Two young men sitting in a bar point towards a newly opened hairdressing shop. This shop is being rented by Jetnor Bregaj and his wife, Aurora. Jetnor has just completed a specific full-term training course in hairdressing at the vocational training centre “Agroni” in his town. Learn more

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