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10 Years Financial Services in East Africa

The Very Beginnings

At the beginning of the 2000s, the financial sector in the region was evolving fast and mainstream institutions were beginning to consider changing their orientation to include previously excluded clients. Swisscontact understood that it was not only about inclusive products and services that were accessible and affordable but also about also about the capacity and capability of the workforce to deliver to these clients. Learn more 

Integrated Development Strategies

During the last 10 years we have experienced a global shift from microfinance to financial inclusion. Our integrated development strategies tap the potential of the poor in the development process by supporting banks, member based financial providers such as self help groups and savings and credit cooperatives in the local communities. Learn more

Partnerships for Success

We believe in partnering with different kinds of financial services providers who cater for specific needs of their low income clients. Our implementing partners are regulated and licensed financial services providers on all levels of the financial industry in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. Learn more


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