Technical Lead for Inclusive Economic & Systems Development

In 2019, the foundation acquired Springfield Centre, which specializes in providing advisory, training, and research (ATR) services to diverse clients, from bilateral and multilateral donors to foundations, aid organizations, and private sector actors. After an in-depth strategy review conducted in early 2022, the full integration of Swisscontact and Springfield's ATR services has begun. From 2023 onwards, these global services will be provided seamlessly by a merged team. 

Guided by the strong belief that development should be transformative, all of Swisscontact’s initiatives target the improvement of systems that help poor and disadvantaged people gain – and retain – access to the goods, services, jobs, and incomes needed to improve their lives and reduce their dependency on indefinite development assistance. This is the essence of sustainable development impact which underpins everything we do. 

As a learning and sharing organization, we see our work as a joint effort in support of an agile organizational culture that is built on mutual respect, trust, and teamwork. Special emphasis is placed on using harvesting and learning measures to continuously improve our performance and collaboration, and to strengthen Swisscontact’s role as a distinctive shaper and influencer of development policy and practice. In particular, Swisscontact is looking to reinforce our training and coaching services by building on the Making Markets Work for the Poor program, which is returning to Bangkok this year. 


Technical Lead for Inclusive Economic & Systems Development

Contract type
Working location
Employment start: March 2023


The primary function of this position is to lead on the technical delivery of ATR mandates by ensuring the availability and competencies of skilled resources through the technical development of Swisscontact advisors and trainers working to deliver ATR services. 

Key tasks include: 

  • Managing the operational responsibility of deploying technical staff, who provide global ATR services to internal and external clientele 

  • Ensuring the technical development and progression of the team, including providing mentoring, thought leadership, and internal training on technical matters 

  • Promoting flexibility within the team to accommodate additional requests from internal sources for technical inputs needed to satisfy their own delivery requirements 

  • Defining and overseeing budgets for ATR projects, managing devolved budgets (from the Head of Inclusive Economic & Development Systems) relating to projects and training events, and reporting on expenditure/revenue against budget for specific advisory projects and training initiatives 

  • Enabling and ensuring consistent quality, evidenced by positive feedback from clients, partners, and other stakeholders, in the delivery of technical performance on projects against terms of reference and bid documents (including changing client needs) 

  • Initiating and maintaining strong stakeholder relationships with the aim of converting them into opportunities to win work as well as shape and influence future prospects 

  • Providing regular and effective reporting to the Head of Inclusive Economic & Systems Development on the team’s objectives, progress, performance, and adapted plans in relation to all ATR activities 


To demonstrate your skills as a technical leader in international development, we are looking for the following: 

  • A first (and preferably second) degree from a recognized institution, which illustrates independent and technical thinking skills and research abilities  

  • 10 years of experience in international development as a technical advisor, business developer, trainer, and researcher, including at least 5 years as a technical team leader on ATR projects and/or acting as a lead technical consultant to official development aid organizations, foundations, and the private sector 

  • Familiarity with the purpose, goals, methodologies, and approaches relating to systemic change (MSD/ISD/ISA) and proven experience in the design and delivery of coaching and technical training to project teams, clients, and the wider international aid community 

  • Deep understanding of models, practices, and channels for influencing and shaping development thinking and agendas, including learning and sharing initiatives and managing information harvesting processes 

  • Specific exposure to two or more relevant thematic areas, such as climate, food security, sustainable agriculture, private sector engagement, economic development, green cities, etc. 

  • Proven ability in writing competitive technical proposals, identifying and recommending human resources (experts) to deliver projects, and building client relationships to win work in technical and thematic areas, which are core to the ATR services strategy 

  • Proven experience in budget development, resource and performance management, and financial reporting insofar as it relates to the technical delivery of ATR projects 

  • Strong communication skills, including presenting to large audiences, conducting webinars and trainings, and preparing ATR-related materials or technical publications to promote ATR services, generate future opportunities, and positively influence thinking in relevant thematic areas 

  • Excellent oral and written English is a must, and good competency levels in any or all of German, French, and Spanish would also be valuable 

  • Willingness to travel overseas for up to 120 days a year to engage in the personal delivery and oversight of other ATR service assignments 

We look forward to receiving your online application with the following documents: letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, and diplomas. Please apply exclusively via the online application portal by August 31, 2022. We particularly encourage women and candidates from developing and emerging economies to apply.

Swisscontact - Fondation suisse pour la coopération technique

Swisscontact est une organisation partenaire de premier plan pour la mise en œuvre de projets internationaux de développement. Swisscontact a été créée en 1959 en tant que fondation de droit suisse. Nous sommes indépendants, à but non lucratif et neutres sur le plan politique et confessionnel.

Nous sommes représentés dans 38 pays avec plus de 1 200 employés. Le siège de la fondation se trouve à Zurich, Suisse.

Nous encourageons le développement économique, social et écologique intégratif afin de contribuer à une prospérité durable et généralisée dans les pays en développement et émergents.

  • Nous renforçons les compétences des personnes afin qu’elles puissent améliorer leurs possibilités d’emploi.
  • Nous augmentons la compétitivité des entreprises pour leur permettre de se développer.
  • Nous soutenons les systèmes socio-économiques pour promouvoir un développement global.

Nous sommes convaincus que des approches privées et tournées vers le marché équitable ainsi qu’une économie de marché écologiquement et socialement durable offrent les meilleures conditions pour que les populations expriment leur potentiel et que le développement durable soit possible.

Nous défendons une qualité professionnelle et des normes éthiques élevées dans notre activité.

Swisscontact a été créée en 1959 en tant que fondation de droit suisse. Nous sommes indépendants, à but non lucratif et neutres sur le plan politique et confessionnel.
Les capacités et la volonté d'action de nos employés sont déterminantes pour que nos projets puissent avoir un impact durable, ainsi que pour notre succès à long terme. En tant qu'employeur attractif, Swisscontact investit dans une culture de gestion et de travail positive. Cette culture est définie par notre compréhension fondamentale du développement, destinée à servir non seulement nos bénéficiaires dans les pays où sont mis en œuvre les projets, mais aussi nos employés.
Nous encourageons le développement économique, social et écologique inclusif afin de contribuer à une prospérité durable et généralisée dans les pays en développement et émergents. De cette manière, nous offrons à des personnes économiquement et socialement défavorisées la chance d’améliorer elles-mêmes leur situation de vie.

Technical Lead for Inclusive Economic & Systems Development

Contract type
Working location
Employment start: March 2023