Annina Stoffel

Advisor Migration

Operations & Quality, Products & Solutions

Field experience
Lebanon, Jordan, Mali, Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Kenya, Tunisia

German, English, French 

Reference projects

Suiza, Túnez
Inserción en el mercado laboral, Migración
Oportunidades para los jóvenes calificados en Túnez con la asistencia de la diáspora tunecina (ingl.)
As part of its collaboration with Tunisia, the goal of the programme developed by the Swiss federal government is to bring the Tunisian diaspora on board for sustainable development in Tunisia and promote circular migration of young professionals between Tunisia and other countries in Europe.In addition to the challenges posed by large numbers of...
Inserción en el mercado laboral, Formación profesional inicial, Migración
Preparación del individuo para la vida y fuentes de ingresos (S4L) (ing)
Turkana County, the second-largest county in Kenya boasts of an estimated population of 926,976 with young people below the age of 19 years, accounting for 60% of the population. Classified as the most impoverished county, 79% of its people are living in poverty with illiteracy levels rising to 82%. Despite the high levels of marginalization,...
Formación profesional inicial
Tafawoq (ingl.)
The project enables 150 young women and men from three population groups to take part in a coaching cycle that teaches them basic skills to integrate into the labour market in the project areas of Tripoli and Beddawi in northern Lebanon.In Lebanon in 2018, 950 000 Syrian refugees were registered with the UNHCR, while approximately 250 000...
Formación profesional inicial, Inserción en el mercado laboral
Practical vocational training helps young people enter professional life (YEP)(ingl.)
The goal of the project is to reduce the high rate of youth unemployment in Nepal. Beneficiaries gain access to market-oriented, high-quality vocational training courses. This increases their chances of sustained successful integration into the professional world. As employees or self-employed professionals, they earn a living and improve their...
Formación profesional inicial
High-quality healthcare services in rural areas ASTHA (ingl.)
Achieving Sustainability Towards Healthcare Access (ASTHA) aims at contributing to the development and expansion of sustainable and high-quality healthcare at the community level by training young adults (50% women) from seven rural districts as skilled health workers. The ASTHA-project will improve the health and living conditions of the local...
Mejora y reconversión de competencias
Sarathi - Progreso mediante la mejora de la salud financiera (ing.)
Bangladesh is the world’s second largest garment exporter, with the Ready-Made Garment (RMG) sector accounting for over 83% of the country’s exports and contributing approximately 16% to the GDP. The garment industry consists of more than 4,000 RMG factories and employs between four to five million workers of which almost 60% are women. Even though RMG the sector plays such a pivotal role in the economy of Bangladesh, only 34% of it was included in the formal financial system in 2016 when Swisscontact started to work towards the financial inclusion of RMG workers and their community members.
Turismo sostenible, Agricultura sostenible, Ecosistemas de iniciativa empresarial
Económicamente fuertes regiones a través del turismo sostenible y tecnologías agrícolas(ing)
Mekong Inclusive Growth and Innovation Programme (MIGIP) is a four-year programme (2017-2020) funded partly by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). The programme aims to develop inclusive growth contributing to job creation and income generation. To achieve this, the programme uses Swisscontact’s Inclusive Markets Approach, and...
Turismo sostenible, Formación profesional inicial, Inserción en el mercado laboral
Skills Development Programme(ingl.)
The overall goal of the Skills Development Programme (SDP) is for disadvantaged young women and men and low-skilled workers in five rural provinces of Cambodia (Preah Vihear, Stung Treng, Kratie, Mondulkiri and Rattanakiri) to gain access to decent employment and increased income.
  • 10.2022 – present, SDC/SEM, Tunisia & Switzerland, Migration, PERSPECTIVES (Project Management)
  • 11.2021 SDC, Kenya, Migration (Refugees), S4L, (Backstopping: harvesting experiences workshop)
  • 10.2021 -02.2023, SDC GPMFD, Switzerland, Migration Backstopping-Mandate (bid writing & Advisory Role)
  • 06.2021 KFW, Central America, Migration, PERSPECTIVAS (bid writing support)
  • 01.2020 SDC/SEM, Tunisia & Switzerland, Migration, PERSPECTIVES (bid writing)
  • 06.-12.2019, DP (SDC), Lebanon, SD/C4E, “Youth Employment & Skills,YES” (Project Management)
  • 2015-2019: DP-Portfolio (multiple projects): Nepal e.g. skills for safe reconstruction (Swiss Solidarity), YEP (SDC), Bangladesh e.g. ASTHA (Novartis) & Sarathi (MetLife Foundation), Laos, Cambodia e.g. MIGIP (Happel Foundation) & HoKa (Laguna Foundation)