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Promoting Inclusive Economic Growth

Promoting Inclusive Economic Growth for SMEs

Swisscontact and the Government of Honduras started the Pymerural Programme in 2008, funded by SDC, with a view to helping to create employment and income for men and women in rural areas, facilitating public-private interaction at local, regional and national levels and developing the competitiveness of MiPyMe rural by two complementary means (value chains and local economic development). This was to be in line with relevant public policies, in harmony with other aid agencies and encourage the development of skills by the different actors, according to their roles, thus promoting collective visions and actions leading to inclusive economic development.

Support for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

... to institutionalise the Food Chain Approach

Pymerural provided support for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG) through the National Food Production Programme (PRONAGRO) in implementing government policy for the foodstuff farming sector, particularly regarding the introduction of a management approach based on foodstuff value chains. This work consisted of institutionalising a process consisting of five stages, in which at the end of the final stage the cycle is repeated; thus, the competitiveness of the chain is improved repeatedly.


The stages were as follows:

1. Choice of chains based on criteria established by the SAG, included market demands, gaps in the market, the inclusion of disadvantaged people (as producers or employees) and relevance to the rural economy

2. In-depth analysis of the chains and identification of the main bottlenecks;

3. Development of an action plan with strategic axes, times and people responsible, set out in a competition framework agreement;

4. Design and implementation of specific interventions or improvement projects; and

5. monitoring of the results.

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