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11 Reasons Why Swisscontact is the Ideal Partner for a Development Partnership

Through corporate social responsibility strategies, many private companies would like to get involved in international development cooperation. The Swisscontact foundation is an experienced and reliable partner to help companies achieve this objective.

  1. For over 50 years, Swisscontact has been a leader in the field of international development around the world.

  2. Swisscontact has maintained close ties with the private sector since its inception. Projects focus on business and market-based principles. For this reason, they are not merely one-off solutions without systemic linkages.

  3. Swisscontact does not spend any money on public campaigns. In this way, we ensure that your involvement does not end with billboards in Switzerland but reaches its final destination in developing countries.

  4. Swisscontact does not provide “aid”, but creates solid foundations upon which local people are then able to build their own, promising future.

  5. Swisscontact is one of Switzerland’s largest and most experienced international development organisations. Highly regarded companies and international donors have trusted Swisscontact’s work for decades.

  6. As a Swiss foundation, Swisscontact is committed to the concept of Swiss quality in project implementation.

  7. Wherever Swisscontact implements its projects, it studies the local structures, identifies the decision-makers and mechanisms, and familiarizes itself with the often difficult local environment.

  8. Our employees are experts in their fields who know how to achieve the greatest possible impact.

  9. We avoid becoming market participants ourselves by taking on the role of facilitator. Our selected local partners implement our projects according to the strictest criteria. This guarantees that interventions will continue to achieve their effect once a project closes out.  

  10. Collaborating with Swisscontact will give your company the added reassurance that your involvement will be certified to highly regarded standards (ZEWO, Swiss NPO Code, and SWISS GAP FER accounting standards).

  11. Swisscontact’s success speaks for itself in examples of specific projects. Swisscontact applies internationally recognised methods for results measurement such as the Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) standard.

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