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Project Partnership

Swisscontact is the ideal partner for companies, foundations and engaged individuals seeking to invest sustainably and responsibly in developing countries.

Swisscontact understands business interests and ties these with the goals of international development cooperation in our partner countries. Projects focus on business and market-based principles. For this reason, they are not merely one-off solutions without systemic linkages.

Joint us – together we can achieve sustainable progress for local people while opening up new opportunities for you to get involved.

Local foothold for Sustainability

In the developing world, Swisscontact has established a solid foothold in the private as well as public sector for decades, in line with the goals and standards of international development. Our selected local partners implement our projects according to the strictest criteria. This guarantees that interventions will continue to achieve their effect once a project closes out. Our employees are experts in their fields who know how to achieve the greatest possible impact.


Development partnerships encourage the transfer of expertise, counteract the lack of technical expertise, and introduce modern technologies to developing countries.


11 reasons why Swisscontact is your ideal partner for a development partnership

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