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Tourism Development for sustainable and environmentally friendly Economic Growth

Tourism is much more than just an economic sector. It is a complex system wherein potential interactions with other economic sectors can develop sustainably both upstream and downstream. For this reason, it is essential that projects are implemented and developed within the broader context.

Swisscontact’s overall objective is to support the development of sustainable tourism in developing countries in order to generate productive jobs and facilitate new income opportunities for broad sections of the population in target regions.

Swisscontacts demand-oriented, systemic approach ensures lasting economic success, while taking social and environmental impact into account. Swisscontact always respect the natural and intangible resources that are inherent to the specific destination.

Swisscontact creates market-driven development solutions. The projects are characterised by a pragmatic approach to cooperation with local partners:

  • process-focused and adaptable to different contexts,
  • guided by the expertise of a diverse range of public and private local stakeholders,
  • demand-oriented, putting the visitor at the centre of the analysis,
  • dynamic and therefore adaptable to the ever-growing dynamics of the tourism industry itself.

Based on 20 years of expertise in developing innova¬tive solutions, Swisscontact provides customised, result-oriented technical guidance and capacity building schemes.

Even when poverty alleviation is the main objective in all its interventions, Swisscontact hopes to achieve positive impact on three levels: people, the planet, and profit.


Tourism can either improve or harm quality of life for local populations and their socio-cultural context. In all its interventions, Swisscontact respects cultural values, promotes empowerment, and fosters social harmony and learning.


Swisscontact’s destination development activities consider the effects that tourism has on the environment. Most of Swisscontact’s interventions in the tourism sector depend directly or indirectly on a healthy natural ecosystem.


Swisscontact emphasizes economic sustainability in programme interventions. Tourism products must be economically viable so that they will continue to be offered over the long term. Only then will they create valuable jobs, secure livelihoods, and ensure income distribution on various levels.

Sustainable tourism development is only possible within a responsible, future-oriented, and stable political framework. Imparting the concept that sustainable tourism is based on these three pillars is key to development projects.

Working topics

  • Sustainability Assessments
  • Sustainable destination development and management
  • Sustainable product development

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