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Tourism Development for sustainable and environmentally friendly Economic Growth

Tourism is much more than just an economic sector. It is a complex system wherein potential interactions with other economic sectors can develop sustainably both upstream and downstream. For this reason, it is essential that projects are implemented and developed within the broader context.

Swisscontact’s overall objective is to support the development of sustainable tourism in developing countries in order to generate productive jobs and facilitate new income opportunities for broad sections of the population in target regions.

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Skills development and continuing education

We focus on two core themes in skills development and continuing education projects: enhancing the products and services offered in the region by developing a management system and training people in hotel management, hospitality, and leisure.


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[Translate to Englisch:] Ricefields in Flores, Indonesia

Our understanding of sustainability

Through sustainable tourism management, Swisscontact is actively fostering sustainable development and destination conservation.


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    Project work

    Swisscontact’s project work directly – and joined forces and partnerships indirectly – strives towards positive impact, while avoiding, reducing and/or opposing negative impact.

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      Partnerships maintain a promising exchange and dialogue to push sustainable tourism development towards new frontiers.

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