Overall Sectoral Context and SCPP

Pre-SCPP (Before 2012)

Cocoa was brought to Indonesia from the Philippines in the 16th century. Up through the mid-20th century, cocoa was produced mainly on large estates in Java and Sumatera. Due to the outbreaks of Helopeltis spp (fruit sucking pest) and Canopomorpha cramerella (cocoa pod borer - CPB), plantation operators moved in the 1980s to Sulawesi which later became the center of Indonesia’s cocoa production.

Prior to SCPP, Swisscontact had few programmes in the cocoa sector:

  • LED (Local Economic Development, 2004-12) in East Nusa Tenggara Province worked on farmers organization, GAP on pest and disease, nursery and organic fertilizer, and linkage to cocoa processing industries
  • SPAN (Swiss Project for Business Recovery, 2005-09) in Aceh Province supported cocoa cooperatives in attaining Fairtrade and organic certification and delivering GAP on pruning and fermentation
  • PEKA (Aceh Cocoa Development, 2010-12) established learning centers at district level, developed farmers field school (FFS) methodology to more effectively impart GAP knowledge to farmers, and trained local trades in financial management and business planning
SCPP Stage 1 (2012-2015)
SCPP Stage 2 (2015-2018)
SCPP Stage 3 (2018-2020)