Nutrition &Gender Inclusion

Inadequate knowledge and resource allocation of nutritional foods within cocoa farmers home may lead to malnutrition of family members.

The latter causes lower labour output due to decrease physical productivity. SCPP integrates Good Nutrition Practices (GNP) module into its Farmer Field School activities.

The Program supported households and communities to establish nutrition demonstration plots and fishponds. The Program expected the households to grow their own nutritious food for their own supply, and then to sell their surplus production onto local and regional markets. The Program had 65,687 farmers on GNP and supported establishment of 2,348,000 sqm vegetable gardens and 5,287 sqm of fishponds.

Farming is often misunderstood as predominantly male activity and the same applies in cocoa. Thus, in reality cocoa farming is a family business where both the husband and the wives shares roles in managing cocoa farm. SCPP recognizes the importance of women role in cocoa farming therefore the Program strived to integrate women across all activities. SCPP ensured women have equal access to knowledge in cocoa farming practices, nutrition, and financial practices. Women farmers are encouraged to take significant roles in the farmer groups organization such as the group head, treasurer, or secretary. The Program created and raised awareness on gender equality issues for farmer family members which is part of Good Social Practice (GSP) module. Cumulatively, the average women participation in training programs is 16.4% by the end of 2020.