Farmers group networks was one of the legacies coming out from SCPP Farmers Field School activity.

Hence, as commodity suppliers taking roles as training providers to farmer, they are looking for tools to help knowledge transfer to be done cost efficiently. Swisscontact later designed Farmer Network Analytics or FarmNetX. It is a decision tool for improving smallholder based sustainable supply chains. Using social network theory and the existing data collected for private and voluntary sustainability standards, FarmNetX helps sustainability managers to improve their smallholder network performance through:

1) Facilitating the best network structures for diffusing knowledge and innovations to farmers; 2) Identifying the priority farmers for engagement, e.g. the most innovative/ influential farmers; 3) Data-driven strategies to transform traceable networks into trusted, innovation networks.

Farmer Network Analytics/ FarmNetX

Data Decision Tools to Improve Farmer Engagement for Cocoa Sustainability