Enhancing Traceability

Greater transparency in the sustainable, traceable supply chains requires dailydata recording in remote areas, data management, monitoring, and timelyreporting.

SCPP recognized the need for this foundation early in the Program and that there were woefully inadequate systems and attention on the part of private sector partners and service providers to address this. In response to this unmet need, SCPP developed the sustainable cocoa data base platform CocoaTrace. It was initially meant to manage the Program’s own data collection and reporting needs. It soon became apparent that the Program’s private sector partners would benefit from and were willing to pay for this service. Therefore, CocoaTrace’s further development and management was taken on by a start-up company, PT Koltiva. To date, more than 90,000 cocoa farmers who have been in certification program, their beans and method of production are transparently traced on CocoaTrace. PT Koltiva has also began providing similar services to support sustainable supply chains in other commodity sectors of seaweed, palm oil, and spices.

Traceability for Sustainability