Centre for Training and Further Education in Enterprises

The project "Centre de formation et d'apprentissage en entreprise" aims to promote in-house training based on the practice of Swiss companies. It adresses in particular Tunisian companies and exporters who are convinced of the need to invest in training.

Tunis, Tunisia
Project duration
2019 - 2021
Financed by
  • Fidinam Foundation

The project

The project will set up three business learning centres, which will serve as a model for disseminating the knowledge and methods required for quality learning. This technical know-how requires the development and adaptation of teacher and trainer training, training monitoring tools and the transfer of know-how, particularly to managers.


The project also includes the objective of promoting and disseminating in-company learning. To this end, a digital and collaborative Internet platform will be set up (e-learning). This will provide access to training, monitoring tools and all information related to the establishment of learning centres. This platform will be made available to all partner organisations in Tunisia.