Skills Development for Employability

The innovative element in this project is the initiative for designing a new entrepreneurial / business training curriculum to be applied at the same time as technical training for young people in public and private colleges. In cooperation with financial services organisations it is creating a new supply of seed capital for young people who have decided to create their own companies or businesses. To minimise the risks involved in the creation of new businesses, the project offers coaching to new business people.

The Project

Socially disadvantaged youth now can access high-quality and valuable vocational training that meets the demands of the market. Thanks to solid qualifications, many young people are entering the labour market successfully and earning a living wage or income for themselves and their families, either as employees or self-employed entrepreneurs. Some establish formal sector SMEs and create additional employment. In this way, beneficiaries are improving their social and economic situation on their own and sustainably.

The project is also promoting improvements to the technical offerings of public and private partner organisations. It helps with the training of instructors and technical and administrative personnel from technical training institutions and the inclusion of financial services in curricula, the use of skills-based curricula and an entrepreneurship / business curriculum. Swisscontact and its partner organisations are developing the coaching curriculum and will train future coaches. Economic and social studies are being developed to guide the supply of technical training courses and young entrepreneurs.


  • 10,103 young people trained in technical vocational training courses
  • 265 technicians (women and men) trained in the use of technical vocational training curricula
  • 24 instructors trained in curriculum development
  • 1,057 young people participated in 11 events on the "Day of the Entrepreneur"
  • 5,075 young people were trained in entrepreneurship
  • 184 young people started a business
  • 52 young entrepreneurs received business coaching
  • 4,629 (56%) of trained youth improved their income
  • 1,984 (24%) young people found employment
  • 2,645 (32%) young people are self-employed

    Project countries

    • Guatemala

    Project duration

    2017 - 2020


    • SDC
    • Medicor Foundation
    • Argidius Foundation

    Working area


    Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation
    Hardturmstrasse 123
    CH-8005 Zurich

    Tel. +41 44 454 17 17
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