Promoting Private Sector Employment (PPSE)

The principal and all-encompassing goal of the Promoting Private Sector Employment (PPSE) in Kosovo is to attain large-scale sustainable impact on employment in Kosovo through improved competitiveness of the private sector.

The Project

PPSE is financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Kosovo (SDC) and implemented by Swisscontact (lead partner), Riinvest Institute and PEM Consult.

Having the sustainable and gainful employment for men and women as its main target, the PPSE project interventions seek to create significant change for SMEs that operate in well-organized economic sectors, e.g. increased productivity that leads to more income and generation of new jobs. On the other hand, better organized SMEs influence respective sector policies and support development of public policies that match private sector needs. PPSE interventions also seek to reduce barriers for women to access sustainable employment and to increase their decision-making power.

The project has two focus sectors:

The food processing sector includes specifically the fruit and vegetable and the non-wood forest products processing. Interventions in this sector facilitate and support: improved competitiveness of market actors; improved aggregation systems; increased presence of domestic products in the market, and import substitution.

The tourism sector concentrates its work in developing new products and building capacities to generate sustainable employment. Interventions in this sector directly contribute to increased numbers of tourists, who spend more and stay longer in the destination. As a result of these interventions, tourism SMEs increase income and generate more employment.


By the end of 2016, PPSE interventions have contributed towards the project outcomes with a total of 500 FTEs, generated mainly in the food processing sector (84%), where over 550 SMEs in food processing and tourism sector have generated more than €850,000 net additional income increase.

PPSE has supported the sectors with interventions in capacity building (improvement of national tourism statistics, introduction of fair management system), advocacy initiatives (late payment law, internal trade law, UNWTO membership), introduction of internal firm organization services and awareness campaigns on business-relevant legal issues and property rights, and training for gender inclusion in the business sector.

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