Programme for Food Security through Climate Resilient Agricultural Production

The objective of the intervention is to increase the resilience of 30 - 45,000 small-scale farmers (50% women) who have the potential to develop their agricultural production, but whose livelihoods are exposed to climate change impacts and lack the ability to cope with negative shocks.

The Project

The Results strategy for Sweden’s international development cooperation with Mozambique (2015 - 2020) emphasizes the need for an increased focus on the impact of climate change, in particular with regards to sustainable food security through climate smart agriculture. As such, the program for food security through climate resilient agricultural production aims for sustainable food security for semi-commercial small-holder farmers in Central Mozambique based on climate resilient agricultural production and value chain integration.  The intervention will capitalize on different organizations’ complimentary expertise in the field of food security, climate change and climate smart agriculture.

Maintaining a clear focus on availability and access, the program will address the dimensions of:

  • Food security
  • Economic and social access to food
  • Availability of food
  • Utilization of food
  • Stability


Result to date:

  • Six Implementing Organisations were selected after a comprehensive due diligence exercise and agreements signed for phase 1 (32 months). They all participated in several workshops to ensure a harmonised programme design.
  • Rapid environmental assessment of the programme carried out using the Climate, Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction Integration Guidance (CEDRIG) tool.

Expected results/outcomes:

  • Increased production of staple foods
  • Increased income via cash crop production
  • Income diversification

Project countries

  • Mozambique

Project duration

2018 - 2022 (2017 inception phase)


  • SIDA

Working area


Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation
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