Platforms in North Niger: Youth employment project

Swisscontact seeks to support young people on their way to social and professional integration, in order to improve their living conditions.

The Project

In Niger, access to information about jobs, opportunities and possible support is particularly limited. Young people are not sufficiently informed and encouraged to make personal choices. They are truly left to their own. Moreover, in most cases, Parents often pay little attention to their children’s needs and aspirations when it comes to career planning and, even when they do, they are often directive. That is why, since 2008, Swisscontact and its partners have developed the concept of “information platforms, career counseling and coaching youth”. Endorsed in 2011 by order of the Nigerien Ministry for Vocational Training and Employment, this measure is now part of the National Employment Policy. The objectives of these platforms are:

  • to inform and guide youths to make informed career decisions and access existing services;
  • to make available a range of local services (through the creation of a network of partners and service providers), enabling young people to define and achieve their professional projects;
  • to assist troubled youth in their efforts and their careers, aiming to increase their autonomy.

Project target group: Young people (girls and boys), especially youths with social and economic difficulties.


  • 23 Information, career guidance and counselling platforms were supported for the young people
  • 25 Youth Orientation Spaces (information structure and support for young people in rural areas) were opened in 2017
  • 71 guidance counsellors (including 15 women) trained;
  • 6327 young people have benefited from at least one interview within a platform
  • 15,891 interviews conducted;
  • 2618 young people entered a support process;
  • 862 young people put in contact with another structure thanks to
  • 271 internships or apprenticeships, 41 internships or apprenticeships in
  • professional activity, 435 in training, 11 in relaunching activity,
  • 104 in business creation.

Project countries

  • Niger

Project duration

2017 - 2020


  • SDC
  • Liechtensteinischer Entwicklungsdienst

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