Local economic development - PADC

The Municipal Development Support Project (PADC) is a skills upgrading project in seven Burkina Faso Municipalities in favor of their economic development. It aims to provide a local framework conducive to the creation of new jobs, the improvement of the income of the populations and better living conditions of young people and women who often lack technical, entrepreneurial and financial skills to develop a stable and sustainable economic activity.

In Burkina Faso, supporting the Local Economic Development (LED) plan in the Municipalities aims to:

  • Create an enabling environment for entrepreneurship, access to information, skills and markets, and hence, the creation of jobs and the generation of incomes.
  • Provide locally adapted, practical and market-oriented solutions to the challenges of socio-economic development.
  • Turn all our actions, resources and efforts towards sustainable impact.

The Project

The PADC revolves around six areas of intervention:

Axis 1:
Support for Young Entrepreneurs: Supporting young entrepreneurs (YE) aims to promote entrepreneurship among young men and women between the ages of 18 and 45 who already have an embryonic micro-enterprise and want to ensure the development of their activities. The PADC gives them access to a coaching service, specific technical development opportunities and microcredit training.

Axis 2: Technical Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Burkina Faso are very small enterprises with between one to five employees. To carry out and develop the activities of SMEs, Swisscontact offers technical improvement to their employees in order to enhance their skills.

Axis 3: Rural Vocational Training of Smallholder Farmers: Rural vocational training (RVT) targets small-scale farmers (PEPs) who are accompanied throughout the municipalities to develop their activities. PEPs benefit from technical skills development to strengthen their capacities in agro-sylvo-pastoral production.

Axis 4: Institutionalization of Local Economic Development: Within the framework of administrative decentralization and the development of a local environment favorable to the creation of economic opportunities for private sector actors - in particular young entrepreneurs, SMEs and Smallholder farmers – the Municipalities covered by the intervention of Swisscontact are supported in the institutionalization of Local Economic Development (LED) plan by the signing of a convention and the creation of a working group (multi-sector steering committee) in each of the Municipalities.

Axis 5: Career guidance: The goal of the vocational guidance system set up by Swisscontact in Burkina Faso is to guide young people and women in their professional choices through the municipal bodies of the intervention Municipalities. This vocational guidance system includes the training of municipal vocational counselors and the development of documentary materials adapted to the needs of the beneficiaries, in order to facilitate the access of local communities to a quality career guidance service.

Axis 6: Savings and self-financing groups-Suman: The system set up by Swisscontact in Burkina Faso is intended to create savings and self-financing groups called Suman. Members of the Suman groups contribute to each other and thus create savings, allowing them to grant microcredit to their members to develop economic activities. Through the PACD, some members of these groups (informal enterprises or small SMEs) also access more formal credit from microfinance institutions (MFIs).


Expected results of the PADC for the 2017-2020 phase:

  • Accompanying 1050 young entrepreneurs, 60% of whom are women;
  • Upgrading professional skills of 2100 SME employees, 40% of them being women;
  • Training of 1200 smallholder farmers, 40% of them being women;
  • Piloting of a vocational guidance system in the seven municipalities;Setting up 180 Suman groups with 4 000 members, 90% of them being women.

Project countries

  • Burkina Faso

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