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Quality Control in Milk Collection and Chilling Centres (CREL)

The importance of the dairy sector has waned in recent years in this country, because of: Exports of live cattle; little credit available to cattle farming and new agricultural alternatives. In spite of this, Honduras is an important regional milkproducer, and the dairy industry is economically, environmentally and socially important. Given the above, this value chain was prioritised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG) with a view to changing its traditional approach and converting it into acompetitive industry.

An alliance between the SAG and PYMERURALhelped to improve milkquality in 38 CREL; this was achieved by training in good practices in animal husbandry, improved basic infrastructure in milking parlours and the provision of technical knowledge and laboratory instruments to guarantee the quality of the milk delivered to processing companies. These good practices were systematised and shared with the rest of thecountry's collection centres.This work established basic quality control laboratories in the CREL in question, thus reducing Grade B milk from 35% to 26%. This gave producers associated with the CREL greater leverage when negotiating with agribusinesses.

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