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Partnerships for Success

Partnerships for Success

We believe in partnering with different kinds of financial services providers who cater for specific needs of their low income clients. Our implementing partners are regulated and licensed financial services providers on all levels of the financial industry in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. These include grass-root savings and lending groups (registered with the Ministry of Sports and Culture in their respective countries), savings and credit cooperatives (SACCOs), micro finance banks, and commercial banks. Swisscontact is also a member of the Association of Microfinance Institutions in Kenya and Uganda. For the development and implementation of financial services skills development we partner with educational institutions at university and vocational training level.


In order to assure sustainability, we focus on partnerships with commercially oriented providers. Partners are selected based on their economic feasibility, relevance for economic growth for the aspiring people at the bottom of the pyramid, existing and potential outreach to client beneficiaries and relevance with regards to gender and governance standards.

Of importance is that each partner organization demonstrates ownership of initiatives through commitment in personnel, time and financial resources. The basic principle in the use of resources, is the implementation of private sector approaches whereby public funds and donations have a triggering function among partners, and are ultimately replaced by private investments.

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