Swisscontact supports Myanmar-Swiss intellectual property project as a local project administrator

After opening up to the world for trade and investment, Myanmar has gained interest for both private sector investment and development cooperation by several international NGOs, UN agencies, and public development agencies of donor countries. The Myanmar parliament passed a set of Intellectual Property (IP) Laws before May 2019, which included the Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Industrial Design Law and Patent law.

While these four laws have been approved and passed, they will not be in force until their respective implementing regulations are passed. Enforcing Intellectual Property (IP) laws will send a message to international investors as a promising step that will encourage further growth in various sectors such as retail trading, technology and manufacturing sectors of Myanmar. 

To contribute to the establishment of an IP system in Myanmar, an essential component to create favourable conditions for sustainable trade, the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) funded a 3-year ‘Myanmar-Swiss Intellectual Property Project’ (MYSIPP). The project was initiated in January 2020 and will be implemented by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, in close cooperation with the Myanmar Intellectual Property Office (IPO), and will be overseen by the Ministry of Commerce. 

The MYSIPP will provide technical support to priority areas that have been defined by the IPO; which will include legal support, support to IP office management, strengthening of IP education and awareness on geographical indications.

As a local project administrator, Swisscontact Myanmar will be providing support to the MYSIPP with financial administration, contracting, as well as general support with activity implementation, the monitoring of project work and programme related activities.