Senior Expert Corps programme launches its own website

Until recently the Senior Expert Corps (SEC) was part of the Swisscontact website Since 1979 the SEC has been implementing short-term consulting services in developing countries and Eastern Europe, conducted on a volunteer basis by retired Swiss experts. The content, processes, experience, and insights gained have now been given their own virtual space: on December 20, 2017 the website was launched.

The SEC office in Zurich functions as a central hub between the field and our senior experts. Over the years there has been much knowledge and experience, and with it “online content”, that has accumulated. It was time that this content be presented in its own vessel and be given more value. The website will be just as informative to potential service recipients, current and future SEC experts and coordinators, as it will be for current and future donors. The SEC team has spent a whole year perfecting its online concept, and the results are available for all to see.

Simplicity and flexibility offer many advantages

The content of SEC’s own website, separate from, can be technically managed more flexibly. By having its own web address, SEC will be easier for search engines to find. Among other things, this will help improve public awareness of the SEC. People interested in the SEC will find information on the programme quickly and directly thanks to the simpler navigation. The website features its own newsletter registration. Also new is the option to donate to specific projects that cannot be financed through the SEC project budget.

„Videos are an important medium“

The SEC wants to present what it does in the best possible light through video testimonials from clients and other targeted content. “We always want to be up to date with the latest technology with the SEC.   The new website will allow us to work with videos and keep scripts limited in length. We see videos as a very important medium,” explains Jane Achermann, Project Manager for the Senior Expert Corps.

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