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Proven impact in Swisscontact’s project management

Regular impact assessment and continuous monitoring are key tools for Swisscontact in our quality assurance. They spur internal learning processes for our projects and facilitate the reporting process to our clients. For years Swisscontact has been investing in developing a comprehensive impact assessment system, known as Monitoring and Results Measurement (MRM). A new video explains how Swisscontact’s experts are moving forward.

Impact assessment at Swisscontact meets the internationally recognised Donor Committee for Enterprise Development (DCED) standard. This standard is based on international experience in the field of practice, including Swisscontact projects.

How do we achieve and measure impact?

For Swisscontact, impact assessment is a core function of project management. A new explainer video shows how thanks to systematic impact assessment, project achievements are captured and positive results for beneficiaries can be continuously improved.  For each intervention along a value chain, measurable indicators, appropriate assessment tools, sustainability criteria, and rules for how best to use the results in further project management are defined. Solid quantitative data and qualitative judgements ensure that project funds are well spent and Swisscontact’s interventions improve continuously and can be replicated for additional beneficiaries.

Swisscontact also shares its valuable experience in impact assessment at international conferences.

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