Launch of the «Basic Manual of Good Practices for Coffee Roasting» in Ecuador

Coffee roasting is a vital phase within your processing chain. It is with the delicate and handcrafted operation of the toast with which coffee reveals its secrets.

To generate an adequate roasting of the coffee, a "Basic Manual of Good Practices for Coffee Roasting" has been jointly produced. This manual seeks to guide people who roast coffee and encourage them to achieve a better quality of the final product.

The manual was presented in the city of Loja on February 9 and in Las Lajas, Province of El Oro on March 2, 2017. These events were attended by a total of 220 people, including processors (coffee roasters) Representatives of coffee associations, cafes, hotels and the public.

The promotion of the coffee chain in the province of Loja is carried out through the articulation and collaboration between several public and private institutions and actors linked to the coffee activity. Through this instance it has been prioritized to work the appropriate process of roasting coffee, in the face of a positioning of this product in the market, before an increasingly demanding, cosmopolitan and knowledgeable public of what is a good coffee. The preparation of the manual has been led by the Ministry of Industry and Productivity - MIPRO and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Aquaculture and Fisheries - MAGAP, who together with the actors of the Coffee Table have managed to structure the "Basic Manual of Good Practices for The Coffee Roasting ", which gathers the experiences, practices and knowledge to establish basic procedures of roasting. This work process has been contrasted with international practices, with procedures established and recognized internationally.

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