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Working Tool: Engaging the business sector in VET

Dual apprenticeship-based vocational education and training (VET) in Switzerland is a successful model known around the world. In other countries, VET harbours much potential in helping people to achieve their economic, social, and personal goals. The newly updated working tool of the Donor Committee for dual Vocational Education and Training (DC dVET) explains how the engagement of the business sector can make VET more relevant, attractive, and of higher quality.

The working tool comprises a study and comprehensive questionnaire developed for DC dVET by Prof. Dr. D. Euler at the Institute of Economics Teaching at the University of St. Gallen. Both of these tools are available on the DC dVET website.

Study as an orientation guide and overview

The study offers guidance regarding the questions where, how, and under which conditions the business sector can be brought on board. Private sector companies, state-owned enterprises, and umbrella organisations such as chambers of commerce and association are of key importance. The so-called “reference framework” articulates common points of reference in various training models, uniting these under a fundamental framework.

One point of reference are strictly classroom-based systems where the business sector can be involved in areas such as implementing the practical hands-on training phases or help in funding the training.
In on-the-job trainings, the other point of reference, trainees for example can be freed from work duties to receive classroom theory, or else businesses can help develop and implement training standards.

Questionnaire for planning and reflecting on own projects

The questionnaire supports donors and projects by guiding respondents in thinking through current experience or to develop new approaches. Moreover, it can help to moderate exchange and negotiation processes with various partners. The questionnaire will be available as an online tool shortly.

Members of DC dVET are the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and the Liechtenstein Development Service (LED). The secretariat of the Donor Committee is headed by Swisscontact together with INBAS GmbH, KEK-CDC Consultants, and L&R Sozialforschung.

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