Open call for cooperation with organizations working in the field of youth employment and business engagement

The “New Perspectives” project is looking for partner organizations experienced in working with young people and development of their skills, in the Kukës region (Kukës, Has and Tropoja municipalities). Through this project we aim to significantly increase the number of young people who are employed or establish their own small business, as a result of being part of a training cycle towards employment, internships, or even as a response to the annual business competitions that will be organized in cooperation with labor offices, the business community, microfinance institutions, NGOs and municipalities.

In the framework of this project, interested local NGOs are invited to apply, and once selected and engaged as a collaborator of Swisscontact, they will be responsible for the selection of advisors/mentors and beneficiaries of both C4EE methodologies. More information on the open call and the selection criteria for advisors/mentors, or even for participants (trainees/advisees) is included in the application package below.
Labour market insertion, Sustainable tourism
New Perspectives in Kukës County (Perspektiva të reja)
The project aims to improve key socio-economic conditions of Kukës County and increase youth resilience towards illegal migration, and the joining of the ranks of serious and organised crime in the United Kingdom.