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Excellent Bricks in Ecuador

Swisscontact has been awarded a prize from the local government in Cuenca for its Red Ladrillas Project. The award supports energy-efficient brick production that can reduce greenhouse gases while at the same time increasing SME incomes.

The award from the Cuenca government recognizes Swisscontact’s exceptionally successful promotion of new technologies and efforts to reduce the greenhouse effect.

Red Ladrillas is a Swisscontact climate protection project promoting more energy-efficient brick-making technologies as well as the reduction of greenhouse gases in seven Latin American countries, while increasing SME incomes. The new, more efficient ovens result in lower CO2 emissions because they require less firewood to generate the same quantity of energy. Reduced deforestation, less air pollution, improved technologies, and a higher quality of life for brick producers are among the projects benefits.

The prize awarded to the project shows that by applying best-practice technologies and sensitising and involving the local population, it is possible to build high-quality homes while at the same time respecting the environment.

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