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Excellent Fine Cocoa from Colombia

With funding from the SDC, Swisscontact is positioning Colombia’s high-quality fine flavour cocoa in international markets as part of a broader effort to develop market partnerships, support investment, and increase farmer incomes. Several cocoa producers supported by Swisscontact received the Cacao d’Oro Awards at the La Casa del Chocolate Trade Show in Bogotoa and top prizes in the international Salon du Chocolat in Paris.

Producers from the renowned Sierra Nevada production area in the northern Colombian highlands presented the best fine flavour cocoa in the country, according to the jurors of the 3rd Cacao d’Oro contest in Bogotá. The beans, judged as having excellent taste and consistency, are produced by 69 families in the Guardabosques de la Sierra Association, who began cultivating high-grade cocoa varieties over ten years ago.

Under Swisscontact’s Coexca Project, the purpose of the Cacao d’Oro contest is to encourage and support Colombian production of high-grade cocoa of superior and enduring quality for the global market. Associations and smallholder farmers are given the opportunity to carve out a special niche for their fine beans on the international market.

The contest was supplemented by the La Casa del Chocolate Trade Show, which celebrated local chocolate production (and therefore fine cocoa production as well) as among the best products the country has to offer.

In late October, select cocoa producers in the project also participated at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, in order to network, learn more about the fine chocolate market and show the world the potential of Colombian cocoa. Together, with two cocoa producers from Bolivia and Ecuador, Colombian producers from Tumaco municipality were awarded the prize for the best South American product.

Colombia Cocoa