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Indonesia: The ground-breaking WISATA project fosters sustainable tourism

After nine successful years, Swisscontact has completed its WISATA tourism project. The main goal of this project was to facilitate economic development in selected Indonesian regions through sustainable tourism, creating jobs and income, thereby improving living conditions for the local population.

The WISATA project also supported the creation of a Destination Management Organisation (DMO) on the island of Flores. After this was introduced, the project was expanded to include the holiday destinations Toraia, Taniung Puting, and Wakatobi.

WISATA improved the quality of services offered by local tourism firms on these four islands. They supported tourism training to ensure optimal service quality, while at the same time promoting environmental protection. Under the concept of community-based tourism, village communities gained the opportunity to plan their own tourism development strategy and control its implementation. A brand was developed for each of the four destinations, establishing a strong and recognisable presence in the holiday travel market. Guidebooks on tourist attractions (people and culture, diving, and trekking) are spurring the interest of potential clients. 

Interview with WISATA Project Manager Ruedi Nuetzi

The WISATA Project Manager, Ruedi Nuetzi, explains in an interview how the project contributed to regional economic development:

>> Interview Ruedi Nuetzi

WISATA project partners 

Destinations Management Organisations and local interest groups play a facilitative role and therefore promote collaboration between key stakeholders to develop new and improved sustainable products and services at each destination.

Andreas Dhenameda, (Program Operations Director, DMO Flores), Mr La Beloro dan Mursiati (Head of the Advisory Board), Mr Hasanuddin, (Head of the Training & Coaching Department - Community Coaching (CoCo) and the Island Working Groups), and Ms Nursiati (Head of Marketing Department & TIC Manager) explain in an interview how, in collaboration with WISATA, they are seeking sustainable economic success while preserving the region’s natural resources and cultural patrimony.

>> Interviews WISATA projekt partners


Financed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), WISATA was implemented by Swisscontact in close cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism under the auspices of the national tourism promotion programme. 

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