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Martin Abwang Martin Abwang

Martin Abwang

Martin Abwang
Kenneth Aedu Kenneth Aedu

Kenneth Aedu

Intervention Manager : NUTEC MD
Kenneth Aedu
Gilda Ajuna Gilda Ajuna

Gilda Ajuna

Project Facilitator : U-LEARN
Gilda Ajuna
Carol Asiimwe Carol Asiimwe

Carol Asiimwe

Project Manager : IMU
Carol Asiimwe
Brian Baryahabwe Brian Baryahabwe

Brian Baryahabwe

Project Facilitator : U-LEARN
Brian Baryahabwe
Moses Gateja Moses Gateja

Moses Gateja

Project Coordinator : U-LEARN
Moses Gateja
Sara Kamya Sara Kamya

Sara Kamya

Office Manager : Hoima
Sara Kamya
Dora Kansiime Dora Kansiime

Dora Kansiime

Dora Kansiime
Loy Khaitsa Loy Khaitsa

Loy Khaitsa

Office Assistant : Kampala
Loy Khaitsa
Aloysius Kiribaki Aloysius Kiribaki

Aloysius Kiribaki

Project Coordinator : U-LEARN
Aloysius Kiribaki
Nelson Mugabi Nelson Mugabi

Nelson Mugabi

Project Officer : IMU
Nelson Mugabi
Patricia Munguleni Patricia Munguleni

Patricia Munguleni

Project Facilitator : U-LEARN
Patricia Munguleni
Fred Mwaka Fred Mwaka

Fred Mwaka

Project Facilitator : LSDY
Fred Mwaka
Zabra Noor Zabra Noor

Zabra Noor

Office Manager : Kampala
Zabra Noor
Charles Ochom Charles Ochom

Charles Ochom

Project Facilitator : LSDY
Charles Ochom
Louis Omoya Louis Omoya

Louis Omoya

MRM Coordinator
Louis Omoya
Felix Opio Felix Opio

Felix Opio

Project Officer : IMU
Felix Opio
Peter Oryem Peter Oryem

Peter Oryem

Market Manager : NUTEC MD
Peter Oryem
Suzanne Oweka Suzanne Oweka

Suzanne Oweka

Suzanne Oweka
Collins Wambuzi Collins Wambuzi

Collins Wambuzi

Project Facilitator : U-LEARN
Collins Wambuzi
Nelson Wananda Nelson Wananda

Nelson Wananda

Project Facilitator : LSDY
Nelson Wananda

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