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Carol Asiimwe Carol Asiimwe

Carol Asiimwe

Project Manager IMU – Development Program Kampala Office
Carol Asiimwe
Silas Gwamwoiza Silas Gwamwoiza

Silas Gwamwoiza

Project Manager Local Skills Development for the Youth (LSDY) Jinja Office
Silas Gwamwoiza
Tania Haidara Tania Haidara

Tania Haidara

Deputy Regional Director & Country Director
Tania Haidara
Michael Idha Michael Idha

Michael Idha

Project Officer Nu-TEC
Michael Idha
Dora Kansiime Dora Kansiime

Dora Kansiime

Accountant Kampala Office
Dora Kansiime
Aloysius Kiribaki Aloysius Kiribaki

Aloysius Kiribaki

Project Coordinator- U-Learn Program Kampala Office
Aloysius Kiribaki
Sam Lubanga Sam Lubanga

Sam Lubanga

Project Facilitator LSDY Project Jinja Office
Sam Lubanga
Isaac Matovu Isaac Matovu

Isaac Matovu

Project Officer Microleasing Kampala Office
Isaac Matovu
Patricia Munguleni Patricia Munguleni

Patricia Munguleni

Project Facilitator U-Learn Program Masaka Office
Patricia Munguleni
Tabisa Naula Tabisa Naula

Tabisa Naula

Office Manager LSDY Project Jinja Office
Tabisa Naula
Zabra Noor Zabra Noor

Zabra Noor

Office Manager Kampala Office
Zabra Noor
Charles Ochom Charles Ochom

Charles Ochom

Project Facilitator LSDY Project Jinja Office
Charles Ochom
Felix Opio Felix Opio

Felix Opio

Project Officer IMU – Development Program
Felix Opio
Suzanne Oweka Suzanne Oweka

Suzanne Oweka

Accountant Kampala Office
Suzanne Oweka
John Ssenyonga John Ssenyonga

John Ssenyonga

Senior Project Facilitator U-Learn Program Kampala Office
John Ssenyonga
Collins Wambuzi Collins Wambuzi

Collins Wambuzi

Project Facilitator U-Learn Program Jinja Office
Collins Wambuzi

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