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Swisscontact & CURAD National Agribusiness Innovation Challenge

Both CURAD and Swisscontact acknowledge the vital importance and positive contribution entrepreneurship makes toward economic and social development. However, most of the upcoming young entrepreneurs are pursuing similar ideas or enterprises with limited innovation and creativity. Products and services do not consider any systematic product development processes and as a result, the returns on investment have remained very low, affecting the growth of the enterprise and impacting any potential social or economic benefits. Swisscontact and CURAD are in partnership to stimulate creativity and innovations; up-scaling among youth business start-ups and agribusiness SMEs.

The development of youth entrepreneurial abilities will lead to sustained economic growth and employment creation.

The 2018 Innovation Challenge Fund

The 2018 Innovation Challenge Fund - spear­headed by CURAD and Swisscontact - aims to lead young agribusiness entrepreneurs on a path to discovery, growth and development. The Chal­lenge Fund focuses on stimulating innovation, competitiveness and creativity among young en­trepreneurs to generate unique but realistic busi­ness ideas, as well strengthening and promoting existing enterprises with high social and economic benefits. CURAD and Swisscontact are contribut­ing to a more vibrant and job creating agricultural economy. The key characteristic of the fund is that the awards will support young entrepreneurs who already have technical, business and financial liter­acy skills to foster business growth. The fund will also promote the participation of young people in the selection process, as well as peer-to-peer men­toring by other successful young entrepreneurs.



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