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The launch of the Inclusive Markets (IM) Learning Lab

As part of the global Inclusive Markets Capacity Building (IMCB) Project, a new Learning Lab space has been developed to support Swisscontact’s Inclusive Markets (IM) practitioners in the field.

This IM lab allows specialists to share resources, experiences and ideas around the Inclusive Markets work. It is a space for practitioners, mentors, and senior mentors to write blogs, share videos and documents plus post thought pieces related to IM project work.

The IMCB project spearheads various mechanisms to build capacity among our project teams in IM through: 

  • Promoting an IM handbook to guide the pool of mentors;
  • Evolving the IM Practitioners Handbook in English, French and Spanish including step by step guidelines for developing and implementing IM projects;
  • Delivering IM practitioners workshops in each region to strengthen the skills of project staff;
  • Building a cadre of rising mentors to coach and mentor IM projects across regions;
  • Institutionalizing an IM incubator programme to build the capacity of implementing teams; and
  • Backstopping and mentoring rising mentors and IM teams using a team of senior mentors.

Most recently, the IMCB project has embarked on the digitalization of the IM approach. This includes the:

  • Pioneering of the Learning Lab - an internal platform on SharePoint to facilitate self-learning via discussions, webinars and resource sharing; and 
  • Development and testing of a virtual e-learning course to introduce practitioners to the IM approach.

Access the IM Learning Lab

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