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Lessons Learnt, experiences and the methodology of the project «U-Learn» in East Africa

Swisscontact shares its expert knowledge in two new brochures about its experiences and «Lessons Learnt» in a successful skills development project in the Great Lakes region of East Africa.

The Ugandan and Tanzanian economy is heavily based on agriculture and people in rural areas depend on farming as the main source of income. Farming is one of the four sectors of the «U-Learn» project, where Swisscontact builds and strengthens connections between young people and private and public sector.

The U-Learn project has the goal to lift 15 000 young women and men out of poverty. This goal will be reached by engaging young women and men in business models across agriculture, hospitality and tourism and construction market systems, as well as facilitating market-relevant skills development, financing mechanism for business start-up and growth as well as promoting access to business support services and learning platforms. U-Learn is implemented by Swisscontact in Tanzania and Uganda in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation.

Case Study

Capturing the evidence of change in the hot pepper business partnership under U-Learn II

This paper shows the impact from the business partnership on the company and the youth farmers in Hoima in the Central Region of Uganda and Wakiso Districts in in Western Uganda to capture the evidence of success by 3 success stories. The illuminated stories explore the lives of the beneficiaries before and after the first cycle of production for an agriculture produce buyer in Uganda.

One of the early partnerships of the project is with KK Fresh Produce Exporters Ltd (KK Foods), an agriculture produce buyer. KK Foods is promoting the production of hot pepper in selected regions of Uganda using an out-grower model and providing information, investment in the production by offering knowledge.


Business Partnership Learning

A Synopsis of Lessons Learnt of Past Partnership and Partner Engagement Methodology

This paper shows the findings from the evaluation of the processes and provides recommendations for changes for private sector engagement going forwards.

It captures the processes followed during the partnership development and shows its key observations and resultant recommendations for improvement in processes.

Finally, the brochure presents a methodology for developing future partnerships. This methodology provides to standardise a process of identifying and building partnerships with the private sector and thereby achieving project objectives.

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