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Jamila Ally Jamila Ally

Jamila Ally

Assistant Accountant
Jamila Ally
Philipo Bruno Philipo Bruno

Philipo Bruno

Field Facilitator
Philipo Bruno
Veronica Henry Veronica Henry

Veronica Henry

Field Facilitator
Veronica Henry
Zaifath Hussein Zaifath Hussein

Zaifath Hussein

Zaifath Hussein
Agness Joseph Agness Joseph

Agness Joseph

Field Facilitator
Agness Joseph
Dawson Kahabwa Dawson Kahabwa

Dawson Kahabwa

Dawson Kahabwa
Violeth Maro Violeth Maro

Violeth Maro

MRM Officer
Violeth Maro
Edward Massawe Edward Massawe

Edward Massawe

Senior Field Facilitator
Edward Massawe
Keffa Mboyi Keffa Mboyi

Keffa Mboyi

Keffa Mboyi
Leah Minja Leah Minja

Leah Minja

Accountant and Administrator
Leah Minja
Innocent Mmbando Innocent Mmbando

Innocent Mmbando

Innocent Mmbando
Richard Mwasomola Richard Mwasomola

Richard Mwasomola

Field Facilitator
Richard Mwasomola
Frederick Otieno Frederick Otieno

Frederick Otieno

Project Coordinator
Frederick Otieno

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