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Jamila Ally Jamila Ally

Jamila Ally

Field Facilitator : U-Learn
Jamila Ally
Tumaini Bakobi Tumaini Bakobi

Tumaini Bakobi

Project Coordinator : U-Learn
Tumaini Bakobi
Frednand Bangwa Frednand Bangwa

Frednand Bangwa

Project Accountant : U-Learn
Frednand Bangwa
Philipo Bruno Philipo Bruno

Philipo Bruno

Field Facilitator : U-Learn
Philipo Bruno
Celestine Bukango Celestine Bukango

Celestine Bukango

Project Manager : U-Learn
Celestine Bukango
Tom Errio Tom Errio

Tom Errio

Driver & Logistics Officer : SET
Tom Errio
Veronica Henry Veronica Henry

Veronica Henry

Field Facilitator : U-Learn
Veronica Henry
Dawson Kahabwa Dawson Kahabwa

Dawson Kahabwa

Driver : U-Learn
Dawson Kahabwa
Farida Kiundawale Farida Kiundawale

Farida Kiundawale

Office Attendant : SET
Farida Kiundawale
Edward Massawe Edward Massawe

Edward Massawe

Senior Field Facilitator : U-Learn
Edward Massawe
Lucas Matanji Lucas Matanji

Lucas Matanji

Field Facilitator : U-Learn
Lucas Matanji
Keffa Mboyi Keffa Mboyi

Keffa Mboyi

Driver : U-Learn
Keffa Mboyi
Paul Medeye Paul Medeye

Paul Medeye

Deputy Team Leader & Capacity Building Manager : SET
Paul Medeye
Leah Minja Leah Minja

Leah Minja

Finance and Administration Manager : SET
Leah Minja
Zephanius Mwingwa Zephanius Mwingwa

Zephanius Mwingwa

Field Facilitator : U-Learn
Zephanius Mwingwa

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