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In Tanzania, Swisscontact has many years of experience in the design and implementation of projects within the Skills Development and Climate-Smart Economy working areas.

Project Management

Swisscontact has a proven track record of success in developing economic opportunities in the solid waste collection and recycling sectors and implementing large-scale local economic and workforce development programmes in Tanzania.

Climate-Smart Economy

Swisscontact develops economic opportunities in the solid waste collection and recycling sector and reduces environmental degradation and health risks through the implementation of efficient and sustainable Solid Waste Management systems.

Skills Development

Swisscontact designs and implements non-formal skills interventions in order to raise 15,000 young people sustainably out of poverty in Uganda and Tanzania by increasing their competitiveness in the job market and improving their self-employment opportunities. 

Other Products and Services

Swisscontact conducts economic market surveys, reviews and updates and is informed on country specific economic trends, opportunities and sectors - private and public.

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