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Swisscontact launched weekly radio programme ''Surakhsit Gharbas'' an effort of Skills for Safe Reconstruction Project (SSRP) together with Radio Sidhababa in Sindhuli district.

Swisscontact and its Radio Partner of Skills for Safe Reconstruction Project – Radio Siddhababa successfully launched ''Surkashit Gharbas '' weekly radio programme in Sindhuli district on 4th January 2018. Surkashit Gharbas radio programme is an effort of Swisscontact to raising awareness in community level about safe reconstruction process through the means of mass media. The programme was organized under the chairmanship of Mr. Shankar Raj Verma; Chairperson of District Coordination Committee, Sindhuli.

More than fifty participants from district level government bodies, NGOs/INGOs, local journalists, and earthquake beneficiaries attended the programme including Chief District Officer of Sindhuli District, Mayor of Kamalamai Municipality. In Launching programme, Swisscontact shared the importance of media and radio programme to promote safe reconstruction process to earthquake affected populations. The first episode of Surakshit Gharbas was broadcasted on the same platform and it is scheduled to be broadcasted from 8th January 2018 every Monday from Radio Sindhuligadhi and Sunkoshi FM.

Mr. Tapa Nath Shukla media expert of Surakshit Gharbas programme said ''There are many challenges for reconstruction in Sindhuli district which we all are aware of, Surkashit Gharbas radio programme doesn’t seek out for challenges only but also focuses on solutions that is to be provided from concerned authorities and service providers.''

There was open floor and round discussion during the program inwhich participants provided feedbacks about this initiative of Swisscontact. Chief District Officer of Sindhuli Mr. Janak Raj Dahal appreciated the concept of Surkashit Gharbas radio programme and shared that the issues covered, and contents of the radio programme are very relevant and important. He also urged the team of the radio programme to focus more on disseminating information related to reconstruction process and policies as huge gap is seen on information flow in the community level.

The radio programme will seek to meet objectives of safe reconstruction process through information dissemination on policies and programmes as well as seeking out solutions to reconstruction challenges from coordination with concerned authorities.

Skills for Safe Reconstruction Project (SSRP) is implemented by Swisscontact in Sindhuli. SSRP aims to contribute to future risk reduction of the most affected population by the earthquake 2015. SSRP has two main components; skills training and awareness raising. Training component aims to train new and existing masons to facilitate a smooth reconstruction process in Sindhuli and ensure gainful employment by engaging them in reconstruction work. While awareness component is designed to sensitize and qualify house owners to follow key elements of safe reconstruction and enable them to supervise reconstruction of their house by providing them information regarding government grant procedure and government technical support.