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Sahaj signs partnership agreement with Development Voyage

This partnership envisions better marketing opportunities for smallholder farmers growing indigenous crops.

Sahaj signed a partnership agreement with Development Voyage Private Limited on 10 November 2017. The one-year partnership is aimed at creating market opportunities for smallholder farmers cultivating indigenous crops in Kalikot and Jumla districts.

Development Voyage will connect with farmers through private companies by creating a supply chain network. They will be working directly with the farmers to provide trainings and technical information on crop cultivation, better post-harvest management and forward market linkage. The collected cereals will be purchased and sold in domestic as well as international markets. Farmers in these two districts are expected to gain access to market linkages for indigenous crops such as Chino, Kaguno, Marse, Junalo, etc. These native crops have a high nutritional value and can be popularised for regular consumption through proper marketing campaigns. There will be series of activities for farmers in order to raise awareness about the commercial value of these crops. Currently, the limited quantity of indigenous crops being cultivated is sourced to urban market traders after basic primary processing. This partnership will provide the farmers knowledge to use various pre-and post-harvest technologies and services which will refine the crops, reduce work load of women and increase the farmers’ income.

Development Voyage is a socio-economic company working in the sectors of food and agriculture, agritourism and vocational education. Established in 2009 in Pokhara, Development Voyage currently works with more than 2000 smallholder farmers in Kaski district and Karnali zone. The company is now looking to extend its business operations in other districts. They have experience in helping the farmers through backward integration support, finding market for their products and providing supply chain management facilities with a commercial outlook.

Nepal Agricultural Market Development Programme, branded as Sahaj, is implemented jointly by Swisscontact and Center for Environmental and Agricultural Policy Research, Extension and Development (CEAPRED). Mandated by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, it follows the Inclusive Markets approach which facilitates an improved market system that will benefit poor and disadvantaged smallholder farmers. Sahaj partners with the private sector for tangible and sustainable development.

The agreement was signed by Mr Navin Dahal, Team Leader of Sahaj-NAMDP, and Mr. Tulsi Giri, Co-founder/CEO of Development Voyage Pvt Ltd, on behalf of their respective organisations.

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