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Adventure tourism in Krusevo unveiled

400 adventure seekers poured into Krusevo over the weekend to experience the adventure activities that Krusevo has to offer during the Outdoor Adventure Festival - When in Krusevo. This was a perfect example of how a destination prioritizes specific tourism type and works together to attract visitors and bring income to the destination.

“I like that this festival promotes the city outside of the winter season and the usual museum offers. It promotes the active tourism which is a big plus”, says Sofija Zarovska, one of the participants.

Both the public and the private sector in Krusevo prioritized adventure tourism development as a sector that should aid economic development of the destination. The Destination Management working group, facilitated by the Increasing Market Employability Programme, supported the organization of a large-scale event When in Krusevo that presented Krusevo as an upcoming adventure tourism destination to the local adventure community, as well as bolster destination’s offer in shoulder season.

The festival organized by the adventure tourism platform When in X, offered hiking, biking, tandem paragliding, diving, running and off-road driving, as adventure products available in Krusevo, as well provided engaging music entertainment during the nights. Around 3,000 tourists visited the destination with 400 taking part in the adventure activities.

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