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Ricardo Alem Ricardo Alem

Ricardo Alem

Project Manager : Horti-Sepmre
Ricardo Alem
Nelson Amisse Nelson Amisse

Nelson Amisse

General Services Assistant : Horti-Sempre
Nelson Amisse
Régula Chávez-Malgiaritta Régula Chávez-Malgiaritta

Régula Chávez-Malgiaritta

Country Director
Régula Chávez-Malgiaritta
Nordino Chilane Nordino Chilane

Nordino Chilane

MRM Advisor : Horti-Sempre
Nordino Chilane
Paulo Damas Paulo Damas

Paulo Damas

Driver : Horti-Sempre Project
Paulo Damas
Panganai Dubuia Panganai Dubuia

Panganai Dubuia

Senior Field Facilitator & Agronomist : Horti-Sempre
Panganai Dubuia
Plinio Fonseca Plinio Fonseca

Plinio Fonseca

Project Manager : AFOC-MSD
Plinio Fonseca
Celeste Langa Celeste Langa

Celeste Langa

Finance & Administration Manager : FAR
Celeste Langa
Letícia Lopes Letícia Lopes

Letícia Lopes

Administration & Finance Manager : AFOC-MSD
Letícia Lopes
Zainabo Mahando Zainabo Mahando

Zainabo Mahando

Assistant Accountant : Horti-Sempre
Zainabo Mahando
Eduardo Mangueze Eduardo Mangueze

Eduardo Mangueze

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer: Skills to Build
+258 828 452 068
Eduardo Mangueze
Celina Manuel Celina Manuel

Celina Manuel

Support Staff : AFOC-MSD
Celina Manuel
João Manuel João Manuel

João Manuel

Driver: AFOC-MSD
João Manuel
Pita Massossote Pita Massossote

Pita Massossote

Field Facilitator : Horti-Sempre
Pita Massossote
Sergio Mbulo Sergio Mbulo

Sergio Mbulo

Driver : Horti-Sempre Project
Sergio Mbulo
Mariana Mondlane Mariana Mondlane

Mariana Mondlane

Administrative Officer & Support Staff : Skills to Build
+258 84 694 6301
Mariana Mondlane
Fatucha Mulaga Fatucha Mulaga

Fatucha Mulaga

Administrator & Accountant : Horti-Sempre
Fatucha Mulaga
Tatenda Mutenga Tatenda Mutenga

Tatenda Mutenga

Agribusiness Advisor : Horti-Sempre
Tatenda Mutenga
Duluvina Narciso Duluvina Narciso

Duluvina Narciso

Financial Controller: FAR
Duluvina Narciso
Francisco Nhavotso Francisco Nhavotso

Francisco Nhavotso

Training & MRM Coordinator : Skills to Build
+258 84 414 0265
Francisco Nhavotso
Orbai Nobre Orbai Nobre

Orbai Nobre

Communications Officer
+258 845 021 495

Communications Officer

Orbai Nobre
Edna Pastra Edna Pastra

Edna Pastra

Field Facilitator & WEE Assistant : Horti-Sempre
Edna Pastra
Edson Petim Edson Petim

Edson Petim

Driver: FAR
Edson Petim
Cláudio Simango Cláudio Simango

Cláudio Simango

Driver : Skills to Build
+258 84 738 3062
Cláudio Simango
Iris Vaz Iris Vaz

Iris Vaz

Finance & Administrative Manager : Skills to Build
+258 84 585 9321
Iris Vaz
João Vunja João Vunja

João Vunja

Office Assistant : FAR
João Vunja

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