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Ricardo Alem Ricardo Alem

Ricardo Alem

Project Manager
Ricardo Alem
Nelson Amisse Nelson Amisse

Nelson Amisse

General Services Assistant
Nelson Amisse
Nordino Chilane Nordino Chilane

Nordino Chilane

MRM Advisor
Nordino Chilane
Paulo Damas Paulo Damas

Paulo Damas

Driver: Horti-Sempre Project
Paulo Damas
Tania Davatava Tania Davatava

Tania Davatava

Tania Davatava
Panganai Dubuia Panganai Dubuia

Panganai Dubuia

Senior Field Facilitator & Agronomist
Panganai Dubuia
Mussafo Ferraz Mussafo Ferraz

Mussafo Ferraz

Mussafo Ferraz
Plinio Fonseca Plinio Fonseca

Plinio Fonseca

Project Manager
Plinio Fonseca
Raja Fuegner Raja Fuegner

Raja Fuegner

MRM Consultant
Raja Fuegner
Susanne Helbig Susanne Helbig

Susanne Helbig

Country Director
Susanne Helbig
Heliodoro Magumane Heliodoro Magumane

Heliodoro Magumane

Training and M&E Manager
Heliodoro Magumane
Zainabo Mahando Zainabo Mahando

Zainabo Mahando

Assistant Accountant
Zainabo Mahando
Celina Manuel Celina Manuel

Celina Manuel

Support Staff
Celina Manuel
João Manuel João Manuel

João Manuel

Driver: FAR Programme
João Manuel
Pita Massossote Pita Massossote

Pita Massossote

Field Facilitator
Pita Massossote
Avencio Matenga Avencio Matenga

Avencio Matenga

Senior Field Facilitator & Agribusiness Advisor
Avencio Matenga
Sergio Mbulo Sergio Mbulo

Sergio Mbulo

Driver: Horti-Sempre Project
Sergio Mbulo
Mariana Mondlane Mariana Mondlane

Mariana Mondlane

Administrative Officer & Support Staff
Mariana Mondlane
Fatucha Mulaga Fatucha Mulaga

Fatucha Mulaga

Administrator & Accountant
Fatucha Mulaga
Edna Pastra Edna Pastra

Edna Pastra

Field Facilitator & WEE Assistant
Edna Pastra
Claudio Simango Claudio Simango

Claudio Simango

Driver: Skills to Build Project
Claudio Simango
Iris Vaz Iris Vaz

Iris Vaz

Finance & Administrative Manager
Iris Vaz

Swiss Foundation for Technical Cooperation
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CH-8005 Zürich

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