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A Snapshot of 2018!

Another year that went by so fast! As the end of 2018 is approaching, we take a look at what happened in the first year of implementation of PPSE Phase 2 (November 2017- November 2021). Click the link to read the full newsletter.





Our data tell us that 795 people have benefitted from employment opportunities. Of them, 44% are women, and over 20% come from minorities. These newly-created jobs in the Food and Natural Ingredients and Tourism sectors include seasonal jobs too. The employment benefits for this year, which mean how much money they earned from the new jobs created are estimated at CHF1,511,000.  


Some 95 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have earned net additional income of CHF745,000. This means additional profits that were generated by SMEs that have directly or indirectly benefitted from PPSE support through targeted interventions. Also, 234 farms were recipients of direct project support aiming to increase primary production. 


The Food and Natural Ingredients sector focused on further promotion of the contract farming model, which was implemented in 6 new regions with 9 partners, to increase primary production of vegetables and medicinal and aromatic plants. Other critical changes introduced were the specialized seedling production and certification programs for export promotion, along with supporting exhibition and participation in trade fairs and organization of sales missions. Read more on page 3 and 4.  


The Tourism sector activities for the development of new products and targeted strategies focused around the regions of Prizren and Pristina, complemented by activities that seek to improve sector organization on the national and local level. International promotion activities, such as familiarization and press trips targeting in particular the Asian market and preparation for exhibition in trade fairs intensified further. Read more on page 3. 


The Opportunity Fund, an integral part of both sectors, has supported co-investment projects to promote sustainable value chain growth. The Social Inclusion Fund, a new mechanism introduced in Phase II, has supported activities that promote equity and inclusion of socially excluded communities and women. Read more on page 2. 


This picture is a direct result of the engagement of PPSE on activities with potential to scale up and expand. Key words describing our work this year are “the development of new and improved products and services”.