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Project Archive

Lukenya Housing and Cooperative

The partnership of Lukenya Housing Cooperative and Swissconctact was hatched in a meeting between Nachu (National Co-operative Housing Union) and Swisscontact in 2008. The initial idea was establishment of a housing Co-operative that will contribute to poverty alleviation by providing opportunities for members of Lukenya Community to own homes. This underscored the commitment of Swisscontact to fighting poverty by applying the principle of helping others to help themselves. The objective was to stop the spread of informal settlements and curb the mushrooming of slums and shanties in Lukenya area by encouraging members to come together, save and through teamwork develop decent shelters for themselves. The target population was the low income earners and those involved in small-micro business enterprises.

On 20th November 2009 Lukenya Housing Cooperative Society was registered by Ministry of Cooperative and Marketing Development (currently is Ministry of industrialization and enterprise development) with a total of 14 members mostly from Lukenya Getaway, Daystar University, and the Lukenya Group of Schools.

The Project

Since its inception, Swisscontact has offered technical assistance to Lukenya housing by building the capacity of Board members, Support for members education, which has enabled successful promotion and recruitment of new members and ability to retain existing members and web-site development to l enhance the marketing of the society and improve its image in both locally and internationally.


The project supported Lukenya Housing Cooperative in reviewing its strategic plan, co-operative staff and board members training. The Co-operative was supported in conducting 6 market drives, which resulted in increasing membership from 283 to 460 (279 female) between 2013 and 2015. The Housing Cooperative has since 2013 constructed a total of 175 houses for its members. The co-operative is finalizing plans for construction of 126 low cost apartments in the period 2016-2017.

Project countries

  • Kenya

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Project duration

2013 - 2016


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